This NFT is going to the moon 🚀

Introducing LiL Moon Rockets, a 13337 collectibles NFT vector pop-art collection.

Inspired by HashMasks, CryptoPunks, Pop-art, Vector graphics and obviously the current evolvement of the cryptocurrency space, LiL Moon Rockets is ready for take-off. 13337 Vector Line Art drawings have been curated out of more than 272,160,000 possible combinations and recorded in an smart-contract engraved sequence in the smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. With many of the NFT projects out there, super-rare collectibles are instantly snatched by art-hunters. In an initial three week "blind" distribution period, LiL Moon Rocket owners won't know which artwork(s) they actually possess until the on-chain entropy based sequence shift happens.

The initial acquisition period for LiL Moon Rockets starts on February 23, 2021 @ 1:33:37 PM UTC (1614087217). The initial 4000 artworks will be sold for 0.05 bnb, with a cap of max 50 NFTs per transaction to prevent people abusing this offer. After that the price slowly ramps up until the last artwork is on offer for 111 bnb.

Scalable. Vector. Graphics.

Vector graphics, composed of lines defined by mathematical formulas, were first used in computer displays in the 1960s and ’70s. They have a big advantage over raster graphics: Unlimited scaleability. (hey, maybe one should develop a vector based blockchain :P). This means the LiL Moon Rockets NFT files can be scaled up to any size, with 100% quality reproduction. If you want to print your LiL Moon Rocket on your 5-storey wall: no problem. Computers use the Scalable Vector Graphic file format for storing and displaying vector files on the web. The SVG file standard itself has been in development within the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) since 1999. Be sure to check out the provisional gallery with all 13337 artworks.

Unique traits

Every LiL Moon Rocket has over 10 unique traits. Each of the 13337 NFTs is therefore unique. And you help make the artwork even more unique as collectors will be able to give it their NFT(s) a name using the NYR tokens which come with each LiL Moon Rocket. It is what the great HashMasks calls the "Next Generation of Digital Art Collectibles" and LiL Moon Rockets takes pride into adopting this uniquest of all traits: naming the artwork.

Name Your Rocket token

Each day, 7.37 Name Your Rocket-tokens (NYR) are accumulated by each LiL Moon Rocket NFT and can be claimed by the current holder whenever seemed fit. Once you collect 1337 NYR (about half a year worth of NYR), you can burn these tokens and change the name of your LiL Moon Rocket on-chain. If you buy a LiL Moon Rocket during the first 21 days of the initial acquisition phase will receive 1.5 year worth of NYR (3 * 1337 NYR, the equivalent of 3 name changes). After the 21 days, each sold (if still available) LiL Moon Rocket will start with enough supply for a single name change (1337 NYR).

Fair distribution starts on Tuesday February 23 - 2021 # 1:33:37 PM UTC (1614087217)

In order to prevent founders or any other art-hunter obtain the super rare LiL Moon Rockets a hidden sale is being used. This way, initially, no one can know which artwork will be bound to their NFT. Once the three week period is over or the sale of 13337 NFTs concludes (whichever is earlier), the rocket graphic is assigned to the actual NFT. This is done by an on-chain random entropy mechanism. There is an initial sequence in which each NFT is hashed for the proof of the full collection which is displayed in the Provenance Record for LiL Moon Rockets.

Launching on Binance Smart Chain instead of Ethereum

LiL Moon Rockets NFT is launching on the Binance Smart Chain. BSC offers a viable alternative to the relatively high fee state of Ethereum as of now. LiL Moon Rockets aims to be an "art for everyone" model, in which the earliest artworks are minted for a fraction of the costs of the last (20,000x). The Binance Smart Chain supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine and therefore the LiL Moon Rockets smart contracts are interchangeable. Should the LiL Moon Rockets community in a later phase like to swap to Ethereum, after a governance based vote, the Tenens Fortens DAO is willing to snapshot the state of the project onto Ethereum, but the aim is to have one of the first full fledged dynamic NFTs on Binance Smart Chain.

LiL Moon Rockets are going to the moon!

  • Vector Pop-Art Collection of 13337 collectibles
  • Launch date: February 23, 2021 @ 1:33:37 PM UTC (1614087217)
  • Starting offer: 0.05 bnb
  • Contract LiL Moon Rockets: Read verified contract
  • Contract NYR-token: Read verified contract
  • site:
  • twitter: @lilmoonrockets
  • medium: @lilmoonrockets
  • telegram: @lilmoonrockets