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In December of 2020 a group of developers and artists encounter eachother in Virtual Reality. One of the artists, Rick from Singapore, showed some concepts he was working on at the time. It was Morion who suggested that it would be great to morph his artworks more towards the crypto direction in february, with the release of the Hashmasks artworks on the Ethereum Cahin. Wuzeh was already known with the Ethereum VM and solidity development so he started creating the smart contracts for what was to become the LiL Moon Rockets project presented to you on this site.

LiL Moon Rockets is an art project. In art, the artists are secondary to the actual artworks. As LiL Moon Rockets is a side project for all parties involved we decided to stay anonymous. This way personalities won't interfere with the purity of art.

The Team


PR, Marketing, Community

Wu Zeh

Solidity, Node, EthereumVM


Rocket Scientist, painter


Web design / UX