Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which LiL Moon Rocket I am buying?

During the initial acquisition phase of 3 weeks, you don’t. . Only after the 3 week period is over or the sale concludes (whichever is earlier), the rocket is assigned to your NFT. This is done by an on-chain random entropy mechanism. The sale is purposely hidden in order to avoid the founders or anyone else to buy the rarest NFTs themselves. There is an initial sequence in which each NFT is hashed for the proof of the full collection. The actual sequence is determined after the initial sale period through a randomized starting index.

So if the starting index is 8888, NFT #0 LiL Moon Rocket would get the artwork of the 8888th from the initial sequence. Check the provenance document for the complete formula to retrieve the correct artwork with a token. The random starting index is determined by either the first mint transaction after the reveal period or the mint transaction of the last NFT, i.e LiL Moon Rocket #13337 (whichever is earlier).

Will I be able to trade the LiL Moon Rockets after the sale?

The LiL Moon Rockets follow the ERC-721 standard and, as such, can be transferred freely amongst Binance Smart Chain wallets. We will not provide a secondary market place for LiL Moon Rockets on this website and have no control over users creating secondary markets for the LiL Moon Rockets on third-party websites.

Price Slip: What if i mint LiL Moon Rockets just before the price tier ends?

If you mint more than one LiL Moon Rocket near the end of price tier, there's a chance of price slip. So for example, let's say the current supply is 3999 (1 left for price change from 0.05 to 0.1), if you mint 10 rockets at this point, you would be able to get all of them for the old price of 0.05. Better for simplicity and helps avoiding too many reverted transactions at the end of each price tier.

How much does a LiL Moon Rocket cost?

There is an increasing pricing schedule for the LiL Moon Rockets. You can see the pricing on the homepage. Note that it is subject to a possibility of price slip as described in the section above.

How can I get more NYRs?

There is only two ways to get more NYRs: Hold one or more LiL Moon Rocket and accumulate 10 NYRs per day per NFT, Receive NYRs from another wallet. The website does not provide a market place for NYRs. We have no control over the user’s usage of the NYR token on third-party websites. Any markets for NYRs are not associated with the website itself.

How do I know how rare my LiL Moon Rocket is?

The rarity of each trait is revealed after the initial distribution period. You can click through the gallery to look at all the 13337 digital portraits to see if you can detect patterns or other hidden traits.

How can I name my LiL Moon Rocket Nebuchadnezzar II, if another LiL Moon Rocket already owns the name?

You will not be able to choose a name that already exists. In addition, there is no case sensitivity and no leading or trailing spaces. In order to be able to name your LiL Moon Rocket Nebuchadnezzar II, you would need to purchase the current Nebuchadnezzar II from his/her owner, change the name of the current Nebuchadnezzar II to Discovery and then you could name some other LiL Moon Rocket Nebuchadnezzar II.

When can I name my LiL Moon Rockets?

You will be able to claim your NYRs (and the bonus NYRs) immediately after the purchase of the NFT. You will be able to name any NFT you own immediately after the purchase. You will not know the styling or hiker type of your NFT, though, so you could accidentally give a moontravelling Yieldfarmer a name for a moontravelling Facepalm.

Will others see my LiL Moon Rockets on the website?

Yes. The current gallery changes once the initial distribution period is over and will allow you to see a clear overview of the different categories of LiL Moon Rockets. You will be able to see the name of each NFT (assuming it was given one), too.

Can I print a LiL Moon Rocket and hang it on my wall?

Yes, you can. You own the NFT. As the private key holder of the wallet that owns the NFT, you are free to do with it as you please.

How big can I print my NFT?

LiL Moon Rockets come with an SVG version of every artwork. SVG means Scalable Vector Graphic. Your artwork is vector, which means it can be enlarged indefinitely. This means you could print it and stick it on the wall of a 30 storey building without any quality loss. Send us a picture then!